Andrew R. Dennis

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  • Strong track record of shipping software on time and below budget.
  • Design focus on user-centric, easy to learn interfaces for highly efficient workflows.
  • Effective integrator of new technologies into existing workflows and pipelines.
  • Work easily with non-technical users as educator and facilitator.
  • 20 year veteran of 3D Computer Graphics industry focused on video game, film, and web.
  • Extensive background in Open Source technologies such as Linux, Python, PHP, jQuery, Eclipse, etc.
Senior Pipeline Developer - Stereo D/Deluxe Digital Studios
April 2011 - August 2013

Built web based, artist/coordinator friendly software to handle entire production management pipeline leveraging Shotgun Production Management software with open source technologies. Extensively used automation to keep human interaction to an absolute minimum. Automation includes mining deliveries for shot and frame data, automatic versioning, copying frames and data to in-house pipeline structures, asset creation from templates, QuickTime and roto plate conversion, etc.

Built software to mine existing active client database to create Shotgun data to provide essential reporting to management. Built custom Apache web server as well as associated modules and plugins to provide high level of availability and scalability.

As member of large development team built a 3D WebGL enabled continuity tool that allowed producers to monitor the progress of shots ensuring consistency using an album style interface in a Django/Dojo framework. Also built interfaces for artist friendly asset and production tracking system using a wide variety of technologies including Python, PyQt, jQuery, and CSS.

Lead Software Designer/Developer - RHDD Inc.
December 2005 - Present

Designed and developed industry leading, comprehensive, highly interactive browser based software to manage scheduling, billing, payroll, and human resources information for a medium sized company. Implemented PHP/AJAX/jQuery/MySQL distributed access system with special considerations of usability, cost, performance, and security.

Cascade SIGGAPH Professional Chapter Board,
2003 - 2009

Managed financial aspects of local Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) professional chapter. Also served on the board that oversees the activities of the chapter.

Education Technical Director - LAIKA Inc.
September 2007 - December 2008

Provided tools and technical support for production and execution of material used for classroom instruction using Python, Maya, and Houdini. Produced class material and taught principals of Production Data Analysis. Produced and maintained online TWiki documentation, including audio, video, and html elements.

Programmer, Technical Art Director - Electronic Arts
1997 - 2001

Responsible for animation pipeline for NBALive series from motion capture to final product. Automated all processing of data using Perl scripting language and Unix tools. Wrote tools using Perl to convert animations into binary data readable by animation driver. Developed procedural animation techniques to animate game elements. Trained and managed two animators for college basketball game.

Technical Art Director - 989 Studios - formerly Sony Interactive Studios America
1994 - 1997

Produced 2D and 3D video game art assets using Alias and Photoshop. Managed Motion Analysis motion capture system for recording digital motion of professional athletes and actors. System Administrator to 35+ SGI Irix workstations.

Assistant Technical Art Director - Windlight Studios

Developed lighting and modeling techniques to generate shadows of animated character composited on live action video.

Associate Director Conservation - Philmont Scout Ranch, Boy Scouts of America

Trained and managed 16 staff members in trail building, conservation, and leadership techniques at remote sites on 137,000 acre ranch in Northeast New Mexico.

Master of Computer Science,
Texas A&M University, College Station, Texas

Bachelor of Science, Mathematics,
The Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

  • RHDD Scheduling and Business Software (Firefox only)
  • Time Selector (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Chrome)
  • Wood County Senior Center - Click Login Button - (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, Opera, Chrome)
  • jQuery Collage Tool (Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome)

RHDD Scheduling and Business Software

Techologies: PHP, MySQL, AJAX, JavaScript, jQuery, jQueryUI, JSON, HTML5, CSS, Eclipse, SVN

This project is a complete set of data entry, reporting, and analysis software tools for the scheduling, billing, and payroll of a medium size company with multiple offices in several counties in the state of Ohio. Software continues to be the backbone of RHDD's business with over 40,000 logins.

Software is designed to be extremely easy to learn and extremely convenient through any Firefox browser with access to the internet.

Time Selector

Techologies: JavaScript, jQuery, jQueryUI, HTML5, CSS

This interface is used in the RHDD software and can be downloaded from The interface is used to pick start and end times quickly with very little mouse movement. It is also designed to initially show the most commonly chosen start and end times, but with the option to choose the less common times by rolling over the top and bottom right hand corners. It is intuitive, easy to learn and with practice the user develops the ability to pick times through gestures and muscle memory.

Wood County Senior Center

Techologies: OOP, PHP, MySQL, AJAX, jQuery, jQueryUI, HTML5, CSS, Eclipse, SVN

This is a prototype developed for a company interested in the business management software with the latest greatest of the web technologies. Software is easily expandable and customizable to any business with scheduling, human resourse, and data management needs.

*Note: The login has been disabled, so simply click on the 'Login' button for access.

jQuery/Canvas Collage Tool

Techologies: jQuery, jQueryUI, HTML5 Canvas, CSS, Eclipse, SVN

This is a prototype developed for a company seeking a very simple drawing program that allows users to place, translate, scale, and rotate image containing alpha channels. Users are able to preview and print their creations which can be reproduced in a variety of mediums.

  • Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters
  • R.I.P.D.
  • The Wolverine
  • Pacific Rim
  • Star Trek: Into Darkess
  • Ironman 3
  • G.I. Joe: Retaliation
  • Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter
  • The Avengers
  • RHDD Business Management Software
  • Yourself Fitness
  • NBA Live 2001
  • NBA Live 2000
  • NBA Live 1999
  • NHL Face Off 96